Saturday, March 25, 2006


I wont start my post by a hi or a hey coz i dont feel like

There are bigger issues going on in my mind
The urge to shape up my life
The urge to redefine myself
The urge to make people understand me
The urge to get what I want.
The urge to go beyond the normal and less taken path.

And in this mind there comes the thought to become independent.
I dunno why but the feeling comes as if I want to stay in a different city or take a flat somewhere near my office.
The mind wants to explore new dimensions of freedom.
Its not like that I want to stay like that forever,but the fact is that I feel being independent would help me gain a new dimension of life which I have lacked.
Staying away from home would obviously make one more strong,more independent,more flexible to situations pertaining to my life.
I do feel that staying away for some one year or so will make a good grounding for my future life .

To conclude I would say that staying away brings out certain unknown changes in everyone and I want to know what those are.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I wanna blog...


I knw i have again broken my promise of blogging frequently but i really cudnt help myself in this sense.
Things became bit busy.
And also my home pc is out of order. ("out of order " quite a thought provoking phrase.

I have my friend's(Gaurav) bday treat today and we are gonna attend it in Noida today.
So lets see how it goes.

Welcome me to the blogging arena after a long hiatus.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Time of the year-August

Hey guys,

welcome me after a long break,
u knw i feel like i alwayz promise people that i will be back but then sumhow things shape up like the way i dont want them to and then im not able to put up my haazri (attendence) in this blog.

a lot of thoughts keep coming in my mind bout my college life.
well among other things which i think , the last year of which was really awesome , i some how start remembering the month August.this is the month when my birthday is celebrated.but then apart from this , this is the month when new joinees and new students joined our college. well u all must be thinking cum on guy ur in a job now stop thinking bout ur college.but then ur college is something which gives u the strength and attitutde with which u can face this world.and u cant forget it.right

so August is the month when pretty:-) and scared faces join the college.

and then August is also the time which remindes me of sumthing.a bunch of students flocking up near a notice board listing a long list of students joinin in first year. so this notice board contains a long list of students among which there r sum names with a special symbol in front of them. so that special symbol is 'w'.so this special symbol signifies a special breed of mankind which is already and almost non existent in engineering colleges.no fastest fingers first and no KBC for guessing that. it means women.dont knw why havent they created a 'g' meaning girl or 'pg ' meaning pretty girl. anyways the thing is that a bunch of guys standing around a notice board counting the already rare 'w' in the list is a pretty site.
add to that the site of people catching up girls (mostly) and guys for ragging.and then how som benevolent senior will turn up to save a pretty face from ragging( like a hero crossing a path full of fire to save th heroine ) provided the face turns out to really attractive.

i have really never indulged in such an act in a pure and dedicated manner but then seeing others doing it and enjoying it is aslo fun.

and how can i forget me giving treats to my friends in August and making my wallet lighter and lighter and those endless bumps.these bumps surely do sume business for pain relieving gels.

and yeah i promise some frequent posts to all of u .


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pleasing Others


I read this quote and immediately after reading it I sortta started contemplating about what was being conveyed.

The quote is :

"I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure- try to please everybody."
-- Herbert Bayard Swope

As far as I am concerned let me give u my view points:

1)Thinking too much bout others can lead to unneccesary tensions.
2) It also leads to a pile of unneccessay work.
3) People start expecting too much out of u.
4) Slowly u may lose ur importance among others coz ur alwayz available for others.

1) Man is a social creature and He is bound to live in social way.
2) It is imperative to please others inorder to expect something in return.

Im bit confused regarding the context of quote.Does pleasing means helping others or something else.

Come on speak out ur mind.
How many of you think that this quote is really relevant or how many of you think that this i just another quote.
How many of you think that our work comes before every thing else.
How many of u think that compromising our work to please others is just a sheer waste of time.
How many of u support the wisdom of this quote.


p.s. i wrote this post and pressed publish post without realising that the internet is disconnected.so this post is actually the outcome of double effort.
Neetie i have to still obey with the tag.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pendulum Eyes


Ever seen these creatures...yeah they are every where.Right from ur neighbour hood guy to ur vegetable vendor.But how do u recognise them.just see them whenever a girl a passing in front of them.and u would see their eye going round and round....to be precise 180 degree motion from left to right. these can go on and on without any break.see them in the park,see them in a mall or else where.

i guess every one has done this atleast once in their life time coz if some guy doesnt appreciate a girl then this boils down to the very fact that he may not be a guy.correct me if i am wrong.and today i was reading sumwhere that even girls r doing this.what i read was sumwhere like " if a guy is good and cool why shud we not look."sum girl even said that she made sure that the guy doesnt get to knw bout this.so now i shud say rephrase everything by saying that a guy/gal has pendulum eyes for other gal/guy.

just not getting anything to write more for knw.just for the fact that i heard "ajeeb dastaan hain yeh" on fm some 10 minutes ago: Beautiful song.
currently playing on fm "lafzoon mein keh na sakoon" another beautiful song.

such a short post...i guess i need to get some inspiration from Nidhi


Monday, September 12, 2005

In Retro-Spective


Considering the fact that i have not blogged from around 25 days at a stretch wat shud i expect from u.Arrey I am asking just for a single cadbury nut and resin chocolate yaar.ok lets bargain....a single perk. :-)

Looking back at the past days things seem to be moving at a fast pace.Let me recall some of the things.

1) On 8 th of August ( yeah u guessed rite...my birthday date) my office friends made sum plan and my good friend Manhar lured me into office cafeteria saying that there r some pretty gals there.that too not from office.now the excitement to see gals that too who r not from office served as a perfect bait for this birthday boy.I walked thru the corridor and meanwise Manhar kept telling me that this girl in this particular dress of this particular colour is seemingly very attractive.(No No my toungue was still not wagging and eyes still not jumping out).As I stepped into the cafeteria my eyes went left and right and then in a faction of second,sorry fraction of nano second to the door behind me to run away as I guessed the crowd of my friends there.But before that many hands grabbed my legs and arms.and there came Thup..One kick ....Thup...Second kick and it continued and continued till these nice souls thought that its enuf now. Well now the surprise cake for me ....which my friends got it for me,I love u all of u guys....Thanks for that day.
me along with two other guys(who also had their birthday) gave a combined treat of Mangal Pandey + Lunch to our group of friends (freshers who joined the office in first batch).

2) I saw Iqbal and found it to be a good movie.Not the same jazziness of movies of now a days.Movie which can inspire u if u want to get inspired.

3) I saw Salaam Namaste.Whoa....Preity looks hot and smart and preety and attractive and and.....sorry but i havent noticed saif too much...
Jokes apart the movie is colourful and fun watch.Saif is emerging as a hero who can potray into a fun loving(Salaam Namaste and Dil Chahta Hai) as well a serious role(Parineeta though i havent seen it) with an equal ease.

4) I saw Ashique Banaya Apne (on cable network at home )...Apart from good songs what does the movie has...Well....

5) I want to see No Entry also.Heard this is a cool movie.

Well thats the update from my side...Hey Vidhi and Neetie I will try my best to be as regular as possible.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Swades...We the people


Let me start this post by wishing all of you a very Happy Independence Day.

Ok so what was special today for me...
I know today is Independence day(evn if precisely 30 minutes are left for the clock to tick 12 hrs and 16th August)

I thought of seeing Swades...We the people today as it was coming on star gold.normally i dont watch movies on cable coz of the poor quality of cd.but since the movie was coming on star gold i thot of giving it a try.i wanted to see this movie so thought this was a golden opportunity.

the movie started and i was engrossed in it from the beginning.i think the way Ashutosh Govrikar(this correct spelling is courtesy Google) has presented this movie is really commendable.The Lagaan magic is present in this movie too.

what i really liked was the real fire in the belly of shahrukh khan to do sumthing for the people.
and i think one of the best scenes was when shahrukh khan produced electricity and a bulb lights up in front of an old lady.this movie actually depicted whether we have a government ruling over us but finally this is a democratic government so even we have a share of our activities.

apart from these emotions there were some other kind of emotions too in the movie which r omnipresent in almost all movies.emotions of luv.but i cud clearly see the purity of luv in this movie.no masala numbers no kisses just pure love.and the way this love developed from a small seedling to a full blossomed flower was so exciting to watch.the girl(Geeta) in this movie is lovely to watch.it was so good to watch when she admitted that she has started loving shahrukh.and the way she did was it seemed totally impromptu.the movie clearly shows a saree clad girl can be much more appealing than a girl in short skirt.

i recommend this movie to all of u.u can visit swades for some glimpses.

Star gold has started a project star gold in which if u sms swades to 7827 they would deduct rs 10 from ur account and then star gold itself would also contribute same amount for welfare(bringing electricity) for some poor state.and i guess we shell out our money on snacks and cold drinks so easily then what is stopping us to just sms a single message.

Before wrapping up this post i would like to mention that the emotions shown in the movie are easier enacted in reel life than real life.and this comment includes me you and almost everyone else including our politicians.

I would also like to add that i still dont knw how much patriotic im or how much i want to do for others but one thing is sure...i really liked this movie.