Tuesday, December 28, 2004

theory of success

Well after reading the post of rohit on the issues of success and failure I was intrigued to research more on this topic as this is wat concerning me nowadays.

I was reading this article in today (for all u uninformed it is the mid day newspaper) .so lets start.

I’m not writing verbatim but just wat comes in my mind.

Researchers of Harvard business school have researched on the factors, which define success and failure of people coming from similar backgrounds and similar education standards.

Lets assume we have a sample of 100 people. Then according to researchers 3 people of them are successful, 30 are moderately successful and 67 people out of the 100 just exist. (Figure out where do u stand). Now what makes those 3 people successful is that they have written significant career goals. The other 30 people have an idea where the are going but don’t have any idea of there goals. The rest mortals are happy seeing the world going past.
Now I was happy reading the fact that (why I will tell u later) people in 30 category just need a small effort to shift to the people in 3 category. The effort is “development of habits and strategies which support the achievement of clear goals”. The critical step here is to define the goals.
Some guidelines for setting goals
1)identify ur mission in life.
2)write ur goals.goals must be in writing .an unwritten want is just a wish . if its in writing it’s a commitment.
3)believe that u will accomplish ur goals.
4)be willing to stretch ur comfort zone to reach ur goals.
5)apply self discipline.
6)set a deadline for ur goal and share with someone whom u think will support u.

so guys why was I happy after reading that its easy to transit from 30% to 3% people because I think im in the 30% people of the world and tell me one reason I wont want to include myself in 3% people.


Saturday, December 25, 2004

todays day

i had my mock interview today
will post the entire detailed experience tommo.

also i have to go to vaibhav's home tommo.i wish rohit wud come there but i knw he wud be preparing for his exams

feeling sleepy


but.....i am also happy

yes im happy .
coz one of my best fren(rohit) has received 5 calls.and i pray that he converts the call he wants the most(calcutta).and i knw he will convert it.i knw when i came to knw my result it shocked me a lot but then when i came to knw bout rohit's result it came as a pleasant surprise coz he was saying that his va will keep him in trouble.well do u all guys knw that day i was talking to one of my another best fren (pavan) when i told him that only fren of ours who desreves to be in iims is rohit.he is a damm dilligent worker and above all a focussed person. also one of my sweet little fren(vaibhav) has received a call from iimb after scoring 99.3.well cant imaginge.,thought he and rohit wud get same no of calls.i think iims need to make the process more transparent.i was just comparing that for 1200 seats in iims we have 150000 (yes 150000) applicants and for 700 seats in harvard we have 7000 applicants .imagine.came to knw that iims r planning to imtroduce a two tier examination the same like iit screening exams.lets see wats in store for me.

leave me .......i knw i wanted to be in iims but then i also knew most of my cl packages r still packed and sealed fresh.so do i deserve to be in iims?????


wats new

greet ur glum friend ,why glum u all knw yaar
so wats new man i dont knw but sumthing is new.
went to college the day after cat result.
was sitting with a fren of mine when i felt so weak that i had that strong compulsion to have a cigarette from him.and finally i fagged a bit.thats the difference cat can made in sum ones life.thats what i realised at that point.does that mean i was acting weak.i dont knw.wat i can say is that i was feeling as if i have lost something which meant a lot for my parents and ofcourse me.

"vo haseen dard de do jisse main gale laga loon"


Thursday, December 23, 2004

dont feel like blogging
mind empty like the title


Wednesday, December 22, 2004


bad day for me
no calls
when my fren of 97.5 has got call from iimb i think cant be worse for me


Monday, December 20, 2004

results results results

again a result
dont knw wat to say.

overall 98.22

quant 98.9
va 96
di 83(see my sob story)

not in a mod to write more

comments welcome


Sunday, December 19, 2004

site change

just made a change in the site
added a counter
i like this style.
counter name is messy
and i started the count from 100 just to balance the no. of hits when the counter was not there.see partial me

lets c how high or low :-( the traffic is


Saturday, December 18, 2004

is mba the way to enterprenurship

well guys was contemplating on an issue.i agree i am in a contemplating and thoughtful mood nowadays.
ok i was thinking bout some of the big leaders and ceos.r they mba's .a big no.

see dhirubhai who rose from rags to riches and there wasnt a dispute in his family when he was alive.but now see mukesh(wharton) and anil (stanford) who being from such big school where no doubt the proper management of business affairs is being taught are not able to save their own empire.

again the founder of sony corp (someone akilo) made his company while sitting in a small ragged room in japan.

founder of ford (iokaca spare me for spellings) who gave a tight slap to ford after he was fired from there & opened daimler.actually he challenged henry ford that he will open a company with whom ford cant compete.very true na.

etc etc

but still i think that was the era of inventions and rennaisance.seeing todays era where everything is in matured phase and u need to get a feeling of world before plunging out i think

comments welcome

addiction or habit

well i was just conteplating on the thought whether this blogging is an addiction or habit for me.u guys tell me out. if i dont blog for a day or two i feel im not missing anything but as the clock ticks the 49th hour i start feeling miserable and run for my computer to post a blog.

i have an interview (thank god live session) in cl on 25 th and will prepare a bit for it.by the way till date im not at all liking the pdp session upar se vo time vaala banda who even drowned away my hopes for iim i or k.what a contradiction .it was time who kept the cut offs to be lowest.keeping my fingers crossed. but then life is full of contradictions.

quite low today so dont feel like blogging more


Friday, December 17, 2004

is my personality improving

hi frens
sorry for delay
actually my broadband was not working
well my pdp session is going on
hoorible wud be an understatement for it
i dont knw if my personality is really improving
just had ps1 and ps2 and interview concept class
ps1 results were ok
ps2 results were good
well wat i feet is that all these sessions r being conducted either thru vsat or on computer(by a pre recorded cd)
i feel heres wat cl is spending the money taken by us
frankly not impressed till date
one another thing
today i met a time institute representative.told him my score(also for u rohit)
quant 20
eng 25
di 10(uff uff)
the damm ******** told that u dont even stand a chance in spjain.

well thats all for now
keep posting ur comments .
as u say good spectators r required for good performance.


Monday, December 13, 2004

foundation of adult saurabh-episode 2

hi guys

ok so removing the curtain from the episode 2.
so dav public school .well i stepped in the school with high expectations,very nervous,slightly frightened etc etc.was already delayed by a month so my days went with completing with my pending work.dont knw why but my initial days were like a small child in a cruel world.children there were too smart or lets say strange.strange because i studied among a different set of students.coincedently i met a friend of mine from the previous school (he left the school in 6th). well i was shocked coz he was completely a changed personality.i felt my self so out of place thet i thought to leave that school also.funny na.so i started interacting with my friend.well i really gained a lot.he told me a lot of things bout the school.i learned all sort of wat we say obscene language which obviously i cant part with now.so days went by and then came first terminal .gave totally unprepared.well i received the biggest shock of my life.got 32/100 in mathematics. so wat nothig a new adversity which i knw i can easily encounter.slowlyy and slowly i was accustomed and comfortable with the school .made some good friends.and then came the second terminal the same mathematics paper .got 92/100. and then this trend continued.wont dig into details just thst time flew and i gave my boards.

wud be ending this post but wud say that episode 3 of my school will continue.(which is the most treasurable part of my life.)

one more thing.......i luv when someone comments on my posts......why coz that is me


"dont say anything bout urself,others will do it when u leave"

Sunday, December 12, 2004


tried posting the clock but y does the right side of blog shifts downwards.
tried a lot of times but every times the top right where my name is written shifts down

guess im destined to blog rather than design


the foundation of adult saurabh--episode 1

now lets start with......
of course my school life. ok ok
i did my schooling from st gregorios school,janak puri.it was a christian convent school and well a really really strict school.we were not allowed to speak in hindi and also a fine for it.i shud say that whatever academic development i had was in this school.i left this school after eighth,

then started the gruelling process of finding a right school.applied to st francis but then date was over.applied to sumermal jain public school,went there for 1 month and was shocked to see the dismal state of students there.imagine a student being admitted in ninth who studied in a hindi medium till eighth.he didnt even knew how to properly converse and write in hindi.just kicked the school after 1 month.then..........again the gruelling process....went to oxford public school .the principal asked for a donation and anyways the school didnt appealed to me.so didnt applied for it.
now wat...some more gruelling process.....someone told veda vyasa dav public school is good.so went there and applied.gave a written test...so wat ....got admission and finally saurabh of a small strict school stepped in a big big world.so wat was ahead of me.well there is a lot of amazing and mind blowing incidents.
for that wait for the next post.

and ya i really liked rohit's blog clock so going to put it


Saturday, December 11, 2004

finally the end of end-sems

yeh im happy
coz finally on 10th my end sems have .......u knw wat i mean since only wen my end sems r over i become happy.so wat im expecting this time well i think i performed well expect 1-2 papers and rest is all on the lord of all things.but i wud be totally supporting my friend rohit who is in nsit that watever marks we get is from our past footprints , its like that delhi police always catches hold of a past criminal even if the world has given birth to a new one.wanna an example ok my friend in electronics had his digital circuits viva like this-he was shown his mid sems marks during the viva(even before the viva ,he scored 14/20) and then just one question his another friend was shown his mid semm marks .he scored 19/20 so no question for him.as simple as that.considering that i screwed my this mid sem (only this) and scored 09/20 wat wud have been with me. dont knw.since my viva went for 20 mins and it was good. but i wud again repeat now i can bear anything in dce.
u guys must be thinking i havent written anything bout my school life ok ok
well my next posts wud be
1)davps--entry of a naive kid.
2)the big CAT.

until then

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

help me

hi guys

well before continuin bout my school days in my next post just wanna tell the traumas im going thru.tomorrow is our ai----artificial intelligence practical.ya u guessed it right.its all artificial like it teaches u how to play intelligent games,how to solve problems which seem to be tough etc etc.so guys wats the trauma.well we didnt had a single lab and now the teacher is expecting u knw wat--that we learn an obscure language like lisp and write 10 page codes in it.wow seems interesting.

well thats y i always say that in dce i have been to taught every thing aka
1)to give end sems without a single class being held.
2)to experience both high (77%) and low marks(63%)
3)and wat else well im confident i can bear every thing now.



Monday, December 06, 2004

my charm Posted by Hello

more of me

hey guys

im back.well before starting my blog i wud like to say that my blogs wont go in any coherent manner from point x to y.well wat i feel i wud write.so u all accept it na.good first of all my one of the good friends vaibhav has met with an accident.quite a serious one.i was quite upset that day.(emotional me)well i do care for my friends and expect the same.bout the accident he was on a bike and to be frank i always felt that bike is always dangerous and thats y i always commute in a bus or car.once a newly wed couple busy in their luvy duvy drive in car hit me from back and my brand new car had its bumper screwed.well i just think if i wud have been in a bike i wudnt be exercising my fingers at this point since they were travelling at around 70kmph.

i had my practical today .compiler design.nice name na.kool.well i m quite happy in my branch and wont mind continuing in this before plunging into management field.but if i get into sum good coll then definitely i m gonna join it,im expecting 1-2 calls from iim and i have filled nitie but wont join it may be go there for an interview (no no not for nitie vo to bahana hai )actually wanna experience bombay babes.hehe.well for me not getting into iit was a big stigma.why lemme tell u.when i was applying for university of british columbia canada they explicitly wrote the eligibility for indians.wanna read ok1)good academics2)masters degree for doing MS here.BTECH accepted only from iit.

see the difference.i emailed them and told im from a top 10 engg coll they told they only recognise iit.and their answer was probably u wont make it.
well for now i have dropped my plans for ms for this yr.wanna work for a year and then see where destiny takes me.ya im a big believer of destiny.cuming back to iit stuff this is the reason im quite serious for an iim degree(quite a revered one) and until then lets c if i have to work for a year.
thats all for my post todaymy next post wud be dealing a little bit about my school.
"laziness is a path to blind alley"

Sunday, December 05, 2004

my first post(actuall second)

hey guys
well i wud first like to clear the misconception of the title.
actually i first started some other blog space didnt liked the name so continuing with a new blog.
so u knw the strive for perfection.

well bout me im saurabh ohri.a 6 feet tall fair guy obvisouly not like that ur dark ,big body hunks.i can at best describe me as a sweet guy.so wat im doing hmmm thats wat im questioning from past 42 months.im mean 7 semesters.well im in delhi college of engineering .i knw its revered for the people who cudnt make into it.but then i wud say that its just another college with no special academic strengths but very good placements.im in computer engineering and have been placed in tcs(2.2 lpa) and induslogic(4.2lpa), well atlast something to feel happy about.

you all wud be happy to knw that im also a mba aspirant.will continue bout my cat performance in later post.but ya im having a lot of fire in me so lets see wat happens.

well before ending this post i wud continue posting with my career aspirations ,my college life,my life etc etc
till then


my original post from www.myonlythoughts.blogspot.com

hi friends for all my friends who have missed my previous blog be updated.

hi friends well i will post why i have started blogging or my intro some day later but today im going to post my thoughts which r bugging me from yesterdaywell i got my result yesterday and it was a big ****.i got just 63% but u must be thinking why am i irritated coz guys i have been the topper of my class i mean i was the top 10 of my class but now no scene.well why have i got this much marks there is some other story behind it but let it be.so wat now.well i was to apply for MS but now im thinking which good univ will take me with such ******* scores of mine.may be they can see my performance in previous sem but that is their headache.wat i knw this time is that i just want to be in a good uni.i want to see the whole world.roam around and want to experience how good (or bad) the foreign education system is and ofcourse want to have a vilayati degree.i DIE to there to excel there.i was thinkin how much toil our parents r putting in for us and this is the result im giving.i shud be given a punishment for this.well i promise my parents (and above all me) that im gonna get 80% in this semester so that all my friends who have started believing that i was a topper by hit and trial start believing me.i think im feeling better by posting.well it seems this is a dream and i hope this passes away as a bad day in my life which i dont wanna rem.hey guys im also preparing for the mighty cat and i getting a decent performance without studying a day for cat.i got 50 in last mock even when i went there 30 minutes late and when my paper started at 12:40 to be taken by them at 2:00.i knw i can crack cat but i dont wanna do it now.i just want a MS degree (with a gold medal) and see im gonna be the happiest person on this earth."sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can win"cheerssaurabh