Saturday, January 29, 2005

cheers to blogging

i was reading this article on rediff and just thought bout sharing it

Blogging: An insider's view

January 29, 2005

Severe withdrawal symptoms. I haven't blogged for several -- oh wait, still Friday is it? -- well, several hours then. No new comments on the Parveen Babi tribute I posted either. (Refresh refresh. Nope.)

What's worse, a colleague just peered over the partition at me and sweetly asked. "Don't you ever run out of things to gossip about in your bog?"

Wanted to bop her over the head, but the nearest blunt instrument was a couple of arms-lengths away, which would've meant deserting the computer.

The angst of the never-understood! How to tell an uncomprehending world that a blog isn't mere gossip?

What is it, then?

Well, the first thing you have to understand is that a blog can be mere gossip -- or even just a flippant, self-indulgent online diary with entries that run "9.58 AM: scratched my back; 9.59 AM: regarded the plaster peeling off the ceiling." We bloggers, even the most serious of us, aren't snooty about these things.

But there's a serious side too...

Dismiss blogging as a personal exercise of no real consequence though, and you'll be alienating yourself from one of the most dynamic global communication media around.

"Blog" was Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year for 2004, and it isn't for nothing that blogging has inspired lengthy articles in international media of late.

Around the world there's a growing recognition that it's being done by intelligent people and that there are communities out there networking passionately -- exchanging ideas and sharing information on every topic imaginable.

...And they can make a difference

Take the phenomenal success of the Tsunami Help blog in mobilising concerned citizens across countries, providing updates on relief operations (including the text of SMSes sent by people present at the devastated sites) and supplying information faster, and better, than mainstream media could.

Enough preaching; how to start?

Have learnt a valuable lesson about not procrastinating. I put off starting a blog for several months because I was convinced a) the technology would be beyond my handling and b) I wouldn't have anything of interest to say.

Now that I've started, I realise how silly I was.

Even with a slow Net connection, this is ridiculously easy. And yesterday, just as I'd posted a few scattered thoughts on a movie I'd seen, I got an appreciative comment from this amateur filmmaker based in Los Angeles -- his name's even listed on the Internet Movie Database!

Welcome to the global village, Jabberwock.

Sites like the Google-owned blogspot.com (also known as blogger.com) or Rediff have the simplest, most user-friendly interfaces.

All you have to do is choose a username and password, enter a few basic things about yourself, choose from the template options (this defines the look of your site) and start posting.

Yes, it's all free; we're not talking about personal homepages you have to pay for with a credit card. And if you have anything even remotely interesting to say, you'll be surprised at the speed with which someone will respond.

What can I post?

Have I finished my daily quota of four posts? Let's see -- there's the 2,000-word analysis of the new Booker Prize winner, the tasteless rant against Julia Roberts, the teary tribute to my first cat who would've turned 25 today…and, of course, this one.

Don't constrain yourself -- write on whatever catches your fancy, or simply hyperlink to something interesting you've read on the Internet.

Of course, there are bloggers who pick one topic and turn their site into a dedicated one-stop space for visitors interested in that subject (if you think no one reads or discusses books anymore, for instance, you'll be astonished at the quality and variety of literary blogsites in cyberspace).

And others, the ones with plenty of time and Internet access, maintain several blogs at a time, neatly organising their writings by subject, in what amounts to a Virtual filing system.

Advanced blogging

Once you're comfortable with the medium, you'll want to see what else it can do. Apart from basic text postings, most servers will give you the option of posting images on your site as well.

A basic HTML code will allow you to put up links to other people's blogs on your site; this will, inevitably result in cross-linking and increased traffic on your site.

Monitoring traffic

What's Google up to now? Someone who did a search for "grandmothers having tantric sex with marsupials" was directed to my clean-as-cucumber site?!

Websites like sitemeter.com or blogpatrol.com allow you to track the number of visitors to your blog, and even provide detailed information like who else has been linking to your site and the Google searches that lead people to your space. But the WWW works in mysterious ways, so don't be distressed by any of the findings!

Oh yes, you're an addict now

Just returned from an interview with the Delhi chief minister for this big page-one story I'm working on. Editor is frothing at the mouth; I have a one-hour deadline.

But first I'm going to take out 10 minutes for a quick post about these enormous black bats I saw -- dozens of them -- hanging upside down in a tree in the CM's garden. Whence do they come, what is their purpose, does she keep them as pets?

You'll know you're a blog addict if you find your senses heightened to everything around you -- and when, each time you see or hear something remotely out of the ordinary, your first thought isn't "That's interesting!" but "Whoa! Where's the nearest computer?"

There is a real world

Had an informal bloggers' get-together last evening. Met Putu the Cat, The Griffin, The Marauding Mapster, Writer-in-Exile and Black Muddy River in person for the first time.

We studied each other awkwardly at first; stripped of the colourful cyber-identities, what dour creatures we are! But a couple of drinks helped loosen formality's strings and soon we were chattering away like old friends: books, films, the tsunami, the World Bank, idle gossip.

It was fun. Must meet again soon, in the real world, which is where all the rum and kebabs are.

Those who fear that compulsive blogging can turn you into a sociopath, living life only on the computer, have a point; such is, after all, the nature of the Internet.

But eventually the decision not to be sucked into the Machine is in your own hands, the way it is with any other addiction.

Most dedicated bloggers are aware of the pitfalls -- which is why there are bloggers' forums everywhere now, dedicated groups of like-minded people who make it a point to build friends' networks and to meet, face to face, on a regular basis.


Oops. Just ran into a senior executive in public relations at a book discussion; she wagged her finger at me and said reprovingly, "I read what you wrote about PR people on your blog. Very bad." Discreet, discreet, Jabberwock.

It's easy to forget sometimes that blogs are a public forum (unless you've elected to make your profile private), and that anyone can stumble upon your distilled thoughts through another link or even a Google search.

So be careful what you write, and about whom. Avoid bitching about your co-workers for starters, or making disclosures about the company you work for — people have been fired for that sort of thing!

But you can delete...

One of the attractive things about a blog is that you can always go back and modify, or even delete, a post that you're ashamed of, for whatever reason.

Arundhati Roy -- she who said "How can you breathe the same breath twice?" -- might disapprove of such revisionism, but hey, on your blogspace you're the god of all things.


number crunching game

Lets all play a little guessing game

wats this figure?

lemme give u number of choices to make ur job easy(or may be tough)

1)the number of blog accounts

2)the number of personal computers in India

3)the number of engineers churned out every year

4) salary given out by BPO’s every month.

5)total number of automobiles (including cycles) in India

6)number of extramarital affairs

7) amount eaten by fat politicians as their loyalty bribe.

8)number of times we wink our eyes in our life span.

9)number of times we have hit the key board till date.

Well guess




Ok my friends come to ground reality

The very fact of our India

This was the population of India till yesterday at 5:20 pm on 28th January 2005

How come I knw

Well I was traveling to malviya nagar yesterday when I came across this figure at AIIMS and I was dreaded to see the figure was increasing faster than my clock could tick.and I just decided to feed this figure in my mobile so that all u guys (including me)can come to ground reality facts of India



nature calls

hi friends

well that day (after seeing kisna) I was talking to my parents that I have never seen the tru natural beauty of India closely

now wat made me think bout this was the absolute beauty of the scenic beauties in the movie.

Be it pryagraj, be it rishikesh or the beautiful breathtaking aarti happening in haridwar during evening.just took my heart away.the very beauty of India free of pollution just free flowing blue and pure water.must be a paradise.i was just imagining myself rafting there in rishikesh(ofcourse with little fear for my life) but then to enjoy the life needs some guts.

Will definitly like to visit there.also I was thinking that I have never seen flaking snow in reality .shame for me coz living so close to shimla and still haven’t got this chance.may be this is destiny.i think this post of mine hasnt made any sense.i feel so.

Coming back to the results well after dismal 98.22 in CAT I knew this year wasn’t mine,so never mind.with 63.45% in XAT and no name in FMS this has to happen.with 110 attempts in fms taking 80% accuracy i knew im not gonna make thru.
So wat im looking forward is to my job but first complete my engg (hopefully I will),

(btw rohitk how was vaibhav’s JMET result)

Monday, January 24, 2005

whats my current mood

well i saw kisna recently and to be frank i really liked it.because of the beautiful sceneries and melodious songs.right now im humming this song.see the wordings really meaningful....the first time i listened to this i loved this.have a peek:

aham brahmasmi
aham brahmasmi

mujh mein shiv hai
mujh mein brahma
mujh mein vishnu
mujh mein krishna
fir main kaahe mandir jaaon

dharti ambar parvat saagar
main jid dekhoon usko paaon
fir main kaahe mandir jaaon

aham brahmsmi
aham brahmsmi

yeh shristi uska sapna
har vyakti uska apna
bhagwan ko jo paana hai
prem ki maala hi japna
saans saans har dhadkan dhadkan
prem ke geet hi gaata jaaon
fir main kaahe mandir jaaon

so did u liked this
i hope yes
well my next post will be inspired from this movie coz this gave me a good view of a place called prayagraaj.its a place from where Ganga originates and a culmination point of Kosi and some other river.must say i die to be there once.

keep watching the space and how was the song


Friday, January 21, 2005

wats new

well lemme start from yest
my mobile bill ran upto 612 this month so was kindda thinking shud i stop talking to friends / smsing or disconnect my connection itself. pls help friends.i checked my itemized bill coz must be some problem in bill then i was scared to the heart by seeing the number of sms sent(read 20 national and many local) .i was in a fix.am i addicted.

bout today was my dad's bday (now dont ask age bad manners u knw).i got up at 6:30 am coz i knew sania had to play today.didnt knew bout actual timings.so kept waiting and waiting.the match started at noon and till then saw about 3 matches.well guys i was happy to see the confidence of sania.she really faced serena well and although the first set was pathetic(i thot it wud go for 6 -0) but in the second set i cud clearly see the tension on serena's face when the score for 2-2.and that too with some aces by mirza.well my comment forehand of mirza is good but her serve picking is kinda bad.
then we had to go to restaurant but then was thinkin i had to miss indian idol(yeah i really like that may be coz of the awesome presentation style there).fortunately we got delayed and i was able to see prjakta shukre for half an hour.guys i was thinking if she wud have been my gf(i wish so) my mobile bills wud run into thousand.
better so if sania wud have been my gf (she is cute ) my moble bill wud have been run into lacs by calling her on international rates before every serve.(serena wud be irritated na)

now guys tell me how to control my mobile bills.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Diplomatic yours


yups I am back this time with something refreshing

Well I am into doctors these days’t be astonished by doctors I mean I am reading Erich seagal's doctors say amazing book. Previously I thought it wud be a boring book about life of graduated doctors in professionals my surprise it is one of the most refreshing and page turner book I have ever read (except day Vinci code).

First of all this book depicts the life of students in Harvard medical school (yup u heard it right). Along with black circles under eyes and endless cramming they also indulge themselves in other normal activities like drinking,smoking , and others hope u understand others means.........

This book also taught me how important it is to be diplomatic .I mean how to handle worst situations in the most diplomatic way like breaking the news of someone's demise to his wife or blood relation.

Also I learned that it is very important to say no and yes when u feel like saying no and yes coz there is no point saying something which u wont be able to keep upto,I think I lack this quality coz I cant say no to anyone.even if I cant accommodate someone I wud definitely agree to his /her request even if time doesn’t permits. Why the hell im like that. But yes im working on this bad quality of mine.

Before finishing off this blog wanna knw something!!!!!
Of every new batch of wud be doctors in Harvard medical school 4-6 commit suicides due to the intolerable pressure of the medical school.....
digest it
another tradition of med school.the marks whic hr put up in the notice board r eventually burned by tip of cigerrates.kool na

p.s. im browsing the web page of Harvard medical school because im too impressed by this revered school and its traditions.Harvard Medical School


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

bulla ki jaana main kaun

believe me man i have downloaded this song some 10days ago and my winamp playlist shows the same song wth repeat button on.dont knw what is the power of this song.but it has some miracle effects on me may be coz i get to understand the punjabi of this song( not completely)

Na maen momin vich maseet aan
Na maen vich kufar diyan reet aan
Na maen paakaan vich paleet aan
Na maen moosa na pharaun.

Bulleh! ki jaana maen kaun

Na maen andar ved kitaab aan,
Na vich bhangaan na sharaab aan
Na vich rindaan masat kharaab aan
Na vich jaagan na vich saun.

Bulleh! ki jaana maen kaun.

Na vich shaadi na ghamnaaki
Na maen vich paleeti paaki
Na maen aabi na maen khaki
Na maen aatish na maen paun

Bulleh!, ki jaana maen kaun

Na maen arabi na lahori
Na maen hindi shehar nagauri
Na hindu na turak peshawri
Na maen rehnda vich nadaun

Bulla, ki jaana maen kaun

Na maen bheth mazhab da paaya
Ne maen aadam havva jaaya
Na maen apna naam dharaaya
Na vich baitthan na vich bhaun

Bulleh , ki jaana maen kaun

Avval aakhir aap nu jaana
Na koi dooja hor pehchaana
Maethon hor na koi siyaana
Bulla! ooh khadda hai kaun

Bulla, ki jaana maen kaun
Not a believer inside the mosque, am I
Nor a pagan disciple of false rites
Not the pure amongst the impure
Neither Moses, nor the Pharoh

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

Not in the holy Vedas, am I
Nor in opium, neither in wine
Not in the drunkard`s craze
Niether awake, nor in a sleeping daze

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

In happiness nor in sorrow, am I
Neither clean, nor a filthy mire
Not from water, nor from earth
Neither fire, nor from air, is my birth

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

Not an Arab, nor Lahori
Neither Hindi, nor Nagauri
Hindu, Turk (Muslim), nor Peshawari
Nor do I live in Nadaun

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

Secrets of religion, I have not known
From Adam and Eve, I am not born
I am not the name I assume
Not in stillness, nor on the move

Bulleh! to me, I am not known

I am the first, I am the last
None other, have I ever known
I am the wisest of them all
Bulleh! do I stand alone?

Bulleh! to me, I am not known



Sunday, January 16, 2005

some changes

changes r a part of life
so added some features to my blog (well in engg term constant product development takes place in my mind)
1)have added name of few blogs i vist
rohit kaul--nsit
rohit anand--nsit
rohit jain--nsit
uff so many rohits guess if all of them go to single iim

2) doodle bar


Monday, January 10, 2005

theory of goals


continuing my article on success......but this time specifically for goals

one has to set goals to be successful in life.some tips to manage goals r as follows.

1)make sure u use a TO DO LIST and review it daily.it shud contain the actions required to reach ur goals.and tick the actions as and when u complete it.
2)review ur GOAL LIST on a weekly basis and mark it done if any goal is completed.give urself a star for every goal completed on time and two stars for every goal completed before time.and hey not even a quarter star for every goal unaccomplished.
3)make sure u have goals in all areas of life.it is important to have a healthy balance in life for all the accomplishments.

finally goals wont do much good to you if they frustrate you and make u feel guilty or give a sense of failure.have fun with them and dont forget to reward urself.

happy achieving


spirit of blogging

so lemme continue why i have kept my blog an almost secret except some of my few frens.
reasons r as below:
1)the blogging community is still quite less among my circle.

2)to make the blog public u need guys who understand the spirit of blogging which i cant c due to the reasons above.

3)most of the readers will give a quick glance to blog without ever giving a note of encouragement.

4)blogging in itself is an unique concept for which im totally energetic but most of the gunta will laugh off with a scorn if i mention i have a blog.

5)i have sent a mail to my class grp (dcecoe) on yahoo groups but cudnt find a single taker for all the reasons above (1-4).

6)and lastly i want my blogs to be read rather than glanced.

p.s. all thoughts r of the author and any resemblances is coincedental


Sunday, January 09, 2005

exposed blog

my fren rohit had a problem(and concern) that why dont i publicise my blog
well for all u i have genuine resons
my next post will deal bout that

keep chilling


guys welcome me
gave xat today
first of all till last yr XAT and CAT apart from two homonyms (dont rem the exact technical word) were also anotonyms of the big world of MBA exams.
coz i always used to tell that XAT is a biased paper ,a person who slogged the world list,went thru the civics books and management compass was thru.also just doing some typical permutation ques was enough.

but today as the paper started i thought all is unbiased today
there was a general quant and di paper although of a less difficulty level
GK was more of an accumulated knowledge rather than a slogging task
very few vocabulary ques( which we normally see in CAT also)
one thing english was i think exactly same level as CAT 2004 .yes english specially parajumbles and passages were tough.(may be for me)

so now " cat ho ya xat kya farak padta hai"

wat else
hope for the best
and hope is when u perform well
so perform well

c ya

Saturday, January 01, 2005

life's cycle

today wont be same for me again
i met the ugliest truth of the world today with loss of my grand ma
she left all of us with a suffering which i can never feel

i love you biji

She came as a child
filled her parents life with laughters and brightness
was a nurtured seed to be blossomed like a flower
spreading frangrances every where

Became a part of some other family
but treated the second home as her now permanent and holy home
nurturing every one with all her care and warmth
helping every needy
becoming the humanitarian example of this world

Her hands loved me
her eyes praised me
her thoughts purified me
her guidance enlightened me

Yes i miss her
and i love her
as a child loves his childhood
as a priest loves his god
as a samaritan loves goodness

This loss has to happen
as the life's cycle has to go on
needless to think bout my heart
i still cant believe i have lost her

(biji is is the name of my grand mother)

to all my friends if u can just close ur eyes for a minute to pray to the almighty lord to grant my grandma the peace and freedom.