Thursday, March 31, 2005


im thinkin bout a lot of things so lets title it as miscellaneous.

well for today i saw zeher with my friends.oh wat shud i say.all the films from bhatt salon like zeher,murder and jism have the same theme.infidelity is the name of the game.and still the movies r hit.so if we go by rules of nescafe advertisment that "one thing leads to another" then we have the conclusion "infidelity is hit nowadays".but i cant agree much.may be coz its not my nature or may be i think these things get potrayed in big screen only.

another thing is going in my mind.is it good to be frank and totally clear bout ur thoughts (as im most of the times) or go for an obstructive and closed nature where u say something and mean sumthing else.i have had some criticism from some of my frens.but then i feel all my friends are very important for me( i dont knw what they think for me) so it is best that they shud knw each and every thot/aspect of mine.but this doesnt mean that one shud be always frank.on some occassions which can lead to consequences of hurtin others leaving permanent indelible marks one can always take a lighter and polite(sorry diplomatic) path.but on occassions like if i have started liking someone or if i wud like sumone to accompany me to a bday party, i think i wont miss a moment and definitely convey my feelings to her(most probably her yaar).

rite now on media player(repeated for 7th time):"woh lamhe woh baatein koi na jaane" from zeher.

one stanza from this song is particularly close to me.
"saagar ki gehrai se gehra hai apna pyaar
sehraaon ki in hawaaon mein kaise aayegi bahaar"


Monday, March 28, 2005

My hughes experience

Hi guys
U all have been writing a lot bout ur interviews.its ok if i havent got any calls :-( the indian government has given me rights to write bout my experiences also so im gonna write about my hughes interview which i had yesterday.(where r the smilies man)

Lets start
My interview was at 11 : 30 am.but i was sleeping till 9 am as if someone has given me a dose of tranqilisers.ok waked up at 9 and reached the centre in gurgaon at around 11:15.

My first tryst at hughes was with the pretty receptionist. Me told “mam i have lost my employement form.can i get a new form”. Which i got and then filled it and gave her .she told me to wait for my panel.there i cud see 2 students from my class and 2 guys from ice 2 (dnt knw their name).all other guys were from premiere institutes like rec jaipur,kurukshetra,bits pilani,iiit and more.i just roamed arund a bit and then i saw my friend pavan there,talked with him and he went for lunch.till then my turn hadnt came,then i saw one of ice2 student who said he has been rejected in the interview.scared me.....i thot of going back home but i thought i cant afford to leave the free lunch given by hughes.hehe

i was waiting desperately for my interview(yaar bakra halaal hona hi hai to jaldi ho).both of my coll mates got their call before me and one of them evn got rejected before me.but i was cool as i was in a sleepy effect of the free (so more) food which i had.so i was kindda sleeping on the sofa.suddenly my call came.ok guys im not delving into technical details coz u all r management gurus.my tech interview lasted for 40 mins and i think i gave 85% of answers .interview went well.

i came outside and had a chat with others.at that point they told my other dce friend to go home without hr interview.i thot i shud pack my bags now and go back.at that time i again saw pavan who came to meet.exactly at that point a hr person came and called me for hr interview.interview went really well but in the end some crap happened when she came to knw i had a job in induslogic and her mouth remained open as if i have to close it myself.altho i tried to convince her that java is not my cup of tea(induslogic works on java) and i want to work on c and after flextronics hughes has become a big brand etc etc.they gave me a gift while coming back.

i think i shudnt have mentioned bout indulsogic.

lets c wat happens.everyone who got gift there was very confident but i knw every one there was having only one job.result to be declared later.


Friday, March 25, 2005

Rang barsee.....

is blog ke saare darshakoon ko "My Space " ki taraf se rangpanchmi ki hardik shubkamnayein di jaati hai.kripya shubkamnayon ko swekaar karein,

mother tongue apart
i wish every body a very happy and colourful holi and loads of joys and happiness.Play safe
(by wishing all of u i save the expense of messaging all of u nice management....!!!)

and a message........
Meri mohabbat thukra kar is duniya mein tanha rah jaoge,
Kabhi duniya mukkamal banke aayegi nigahaon mein,
Kabhi meri kami duniya ki har sheh mein paoge.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

More to comprehend

what the hell im doing at 2:47 am on 24th march 2005.

first wats up in my media player:
"lagte ho to tum ajnabi
par ajnabi tum lagte nahin

jaane kaisa yeh ehsaas hai
jab se nazroon ke tu paas hai"

there r sum people in this world the more u delve into them the more u want to delve further,the more u get to knw u seem to feel that uhhh there r still millions of fathoms to cover.the more i stop my self to think bout ,the more thoughts get into my mind,just feel when the time will come when i will say to myself yes i have covered all the depths.

well time now is 2:59 am.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Child pleasures

Have u ever observed the life of a child so pure no malice no revenges just pure luv and pure fun . thoughts of a child r never impure never to show off just pure and tru thoughts.if a baby is showing affection to his mother just think this is 100% affection,. Sometimes i feel like how good it to be in place of a child.

I can recall an incident which just happened yest.i was in a temple and saw a girl child of about 1.5-2 yrs. Standing at a side , she was observing all the peoples the way they were coming and strinking the bell.then she came and stood below the bell.and tried hard 2 times to hit the bell which was 7 feet above the ground.and then she saw her mother in a silent tone and conveyed some message to her and uttered a single word “jai”.it was all it took for the mother to understand a child . so pure.

And all this time i was observing this little baby when she was observing all other people. Seems i was as much intrigued as she was.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I Feel Sad

i feel sad when i see the plight of poor on the roads
i feel sad when i see a child begging on road
i feel sad when i see a child is deprived of education
i feel sad when i see a mother asking for food for her little kid.

i feel sad to see how school culture is changing these days
i feel sad to see lack of value's in todays world
i feel sad when sumone misbehaves with an elder
i feel sad when parents r moved out of their own home by their son/daughter

i feel sad to see the old and poor people queuing up at a hospital
i feel sad to see the growing influence of AIDS
i feel sad when a doctor removes the kidney to sell it
i feel sad when a doctor misbehaves with their female patient

i feel sad when their is an epidemic
i feel sad when their is a new war
i feel sad when countries boast of their nuclear weapons
i feel sad when their is a mass calamity



Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Great time ahead


Well talking bout the time ahead i am having my mid semesters from 18th march (correct me if i am wrong).i cant believe they r so close.we r having the midsems of the following subjects.

1) networking (pls network my mind with our class topper)

2) software engineering ( well im a computer engineer but am i supposed to read this subject)

3) fault tolerant computing ( pls tell me wats my fault that ur giving me this subject to study)

and then sumwhere in the 2/3rd april im having my project presentation (now pls say this is an extended april fool). I have not even started my project study.

My next post will come only after my mid sems i.e. after 22 nd march.best of luck to me.i need it badly.

and then i heard the result can come anyday.why cant we have our exams without the fear of results.the thought of results scare off me top down right left every where.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Time Pass


well talking about time pass, wat do people usually do pass time ........

1)watch tv

2)read novels

3)listen to music

4)talk to friends

5)go out with friends

6)watch or read sumthing ;-)

7)or in sum weirdest case go for placement test

yeah i was just feeling too bored today so remembered i had a hughes written today in some pachimi marg tagore international school.hey dudes i cleared it and they gave me interview date of 22nd march poor me i have my mid sem,so told them to change it.and my friends were cursing me that wat more i want from life a third job.well wat i want is to pass time.hehe

but i felt bad that some of my friends who needed hughes badly and they cudnt clear it,well its destiny.

after written i went to priya and well i cudnt stop myself admiring the crowd out there.well its good.atleast for guys like us from dce where every where its barren grounds

one ques is going in my mind.Shud i go for interview?

enjoy till next post


Friday, March 11, 2005

wat to write

ya ya i knw every blogger in his career comes across moments when he has just nothing to write.and today im feeling the same.

i just came across a link given to me by my friend .i wud say a must visit may be coz i think it wud have taken a good deal to deal.do visit http://www.eviltree.de/zoomquilt/zoom.htm.wait sum time to load and then see it.

regarding nowadays i think im doing too much in too less time.hehe no studying but all masti.i saw aviator,sins ;-) and meet the fockers (just today).i wud say the rating according to me wud be nah i wudnt be able to do it,.coz neither was too great and neither too bad.just worth a ticket price of may be 75.

having a class tomm.oh my God ,now dnt say dce is improving



Saturday, March 05, 2005



Sometimes I feel awfully bad about the pressure from the society .and yes in this pressure I don’t think I wud include peer pressure or college friends coz I think im in a really harmonious relation with all my college mates. But this pressure which I feel from the world as a whole I feel its awful to be in this situation.I always feel that I wud help anybody even if it wud generate competition for me (winning challenges r good yeah) but then wen the opposite side feels the contradictory that helping will increase their chances of failure.Hiding ofcampus interviews , and ofcourse the class notes and documents , showing false empathy, and wat else.(this all is done not by my class friends but by outside college friends) .wow

Oh lord this world is for only those who r the best and who can defeat the weak.

p.s. Hey i dont think i have written all i wanted i dont knw why but my instinct says to write wat is appropriate and wont hurt the person when the same person being targeted is reading.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Camilla cant be Diana II

for all those of who dont knw Camilla Parker Bowles is going to be the new royal princesss of England.but do u think that the heavy princess word really fit in for camilla.ofcourse not.camilla is far from a princess and indeed she knws it properly.and even she must be thinking "Am i worth it"?do u all knw that she has almost gone a complete body alterations coz she was a misfit in the queen family(According to elizebeth). All over the england nasty polls r going on and the max which 57 yr old camilla has got is 3 points in a scale of 10.

but wat bout charles.do u think seeing his description , camilla is fated enough to get such treatment. as quoted by shobhaa de " is charles an adonis himself? can he ever qualify as a stud muffin?does brad pitt need to lose sleep over sex appeal challenge from prince? the bonny prince is a peculiar loooking fellow with a loppy grin , bad teeth and of course those flappy ears that look like someone has hastily stuck them to the sides of his head.) but lets analyze i think this was the reason for his disastrous marriage with diana.she being a mistress of beauty and charles ofcourse cudnt compete with her.but with camilla i think the 56 yr old prince aptly balances the modest beauty of camilla.Camilla's strength lies in being herself.
Wishing them a happy married life.