Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Here I Am

Enuf of chapped lips of mine which gave an impression of me eating kracjack biscuits as soon as i opened my mouth to speak ( sorry for exagerration but i hope it helped u to estimate the weather at Delhi )

So May 29th , Time 2000 hrs ,Location ISBT , our group of 9 friends went for a trip to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj.

we guys actually took the Volvo bus, one of the best buses i have travelled in.now pls dont think that after travelling in DTC buses i would say that any other bus is good.the volvo buses actually gave me a taste of luxury with dedicated AC wents above each seat.now someone was telling me that these buses cost @ around 70-80 lacs.

we reached Dharamshala at around 0700 hrs the next day. went to mcleodganj( 7kms from there).weather there was good and a relief for all of us.strolled and roamed around for the whole day. the best part was the water fall.the water was chilling.the monestry was very good with an environment providing lots of tranquality and peace.the st john church was also very good.mcleodganj actually is famous for its tibetan culture and food( parag do u remember ur tibetan burger).lots of Israelis can be seen strolling around on the streets.there are many ameriacans and europeans also but israelis definitely steal the show.lots of budhhist in their red clothes give a feeling of Budhhism culture.

next day we planned to go to palampur a place 35 kms from dharamshala but cudnt go thanks to our lavish eating style.we guys actually had our lunch for such a long time that if we went to palampur we wudnt have made at the time of departure of our bus to delhi from dharamshala.so we decided to spend our time in dharamshala and hired a sumo for exploring some popular tourist sites like a temple, tea garden and a war memorial.

the return journey was not very exciting with our grp not getting the volvo tickets and we came in a non AC bus.the journey for sure made all of my bones and muscles exercise hard during the return journey.

the USB port of my pc is not working.so not sure when i cud post the pics

so Here I Am back to Delhi and back to my blog.


Friday, May 27, 2005

Hard(ware) has no Soft corner

Some of the past days have been really tough catering to the outrageous demands of my P.C. ( personal computer ). Before going into details have a look at the vital stats of my PC.
P III 933 Mhz ( since the current speeds r in Ghz I should use 0.933 Ghz )
256 MB RAM
CD writer
15” colour Monitor
20 GB Hard disk
H.P. 3 in 1 Printer , Scanner and copier
and other essentials like floppy drive, speakers etc

now all the trouble started when I was to reload my Linux RHL 8.0. so when I was doing it it showed my hard disk contains bad sectors. So I partitioned my harddisk further from 2 partitions to 4 partitions with strange sizes like 7.53 GB ,6.55 GB, 1.94 GB and 2.92 GB. Strange na…..

but trouble didn’t end here with the linux not willing to accept any of my sectors ( the adamant daemon ) . the linux and my partitioning software finally managed to get in the priviledged areas of XP and even uninstalled it. So I had to reload my XP.

After that I have reloaded my XP innumerable times , sometimes with the intervals as short as changing clothes.

Next turn was of my monitor

My monitor one day became complete blank which reminded me of my mind as it is sometimes—completely blank. The monitor is with my vendor who has not returned it from past 15-20 days and im using his old archaic and vintage monitor which shows red colour as black ( oh Gmail I have forgot ur real face ) .

Since one things leads to other….so one fine day trying to take some printouts I realized that my USB port is not detecting my printer. So today I have been exploring various driver sites in the hope of getting a proper driver ( XP is not providing the drivers and this has happened for the first time with me )

Oh I forgot to add my PC is going to be around 3.5 yrs old.

Seems like my PC Hardware is behaving real hard with me.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

The story of Relationships


Im back with my boring theory of relationships.

Having written my last post and getting really good and thoughtful comments from fellow bloggers I thought of delving further in the world of relationships of what I have gone thru and all.

So before writing some more bout relationships I would like to share a personal experience of mine with you.

So it all happened while I was in school. There was this guy (G) with me from class tenth onwards. I remember spending hours with him solving Olympiad questions of mathematics. He was no doubt an intelligent guy and I appreciated this fact of him. I thot we both were good friends but never knew he had something else in his mind. Anyways he got better marks than me in tenth. No regrets.

Then came eleventh. It passed smoothly with me beating him up(as far as I remember)(beating not munnabhai style but using my pen). I still remember during parent teacher meeting her mother was concerned more bout how others have fared in exams rather than how her son has performed. This was documented by the fact that she always used to look in other students report cards with much more interest.

Then came twelfth. And something happened which was not in a very good taste atleast for me. Actually I used to prepare for IITJEE from VidyaMandir’s Books. I used to carry them to school so tha I could study them in my free time. Wat used to happen was that whenever I used to come back from my morning assembly those books were always taken from my bag by someone and always kept in my bag in afternoon. Finally the mystery was solved with the revealation that this great work was that of G. he used to do this so that I should not study in my free time in school.

My conclusion: the competition in real world is really fierce and can be nasty if not handled properly.

Let me talk about types of people:
1) people who are always for u selflessly and helpfully, best candidates for becoming friends for life.
2) people who are always in their own world , I mean not concerned bout anyone else even in a malignant way.
3) People who pretend that they are your best friends but think something else in their minds. They are friends just for a purpose.
4) People who would suddenly stop talking to you when they want and would suddenly again start talking to u when they want (all this they do shamelessely )
5) People who are ur friends in their own way. I mean they are good friends until they have to go out of the for maintaining the friendship. Most of the people fall under this category.

i would say avoid people of 3rd and 4th category

let me finish up my post recalling one more incident:

near my home there stands this mother dairy icecream vendor and just in front of him a vadilla vendor.now i usually go their to have a stick of icecream but what i have realised is that vadilla vendor is alwayz sitting idle whereas the mother dairy one is counting currency notes.actually one day i felt bad because of this and went to vadilla vendor and had my icecream.to my surprise vadilla is offering some real good schemes like 1 candy bar free with one choco bar etc.but still no one is attracted to vadilla vendor.but i still prefer mother dairy.may be coz i find its quality better.vadilla one writes "vadilla : icecream of India " but its for sure that "its not icecream of my locality "

my conclusion : Most people do what other people are doing.coz they feel they are safe this way.



Sunday, May 15, 2005

Entangling Bonds


Wats going on in my mind is world of relationships.by relationships i dont just mean boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.it also includes the relationship between a shopkeeper and customer,doctor and a patient et al.
The more one tries to go into relationships the more confusing the path.(arre pls im not talking about solving an integral or a n-ary equation).the more one tries to be cautious with the relationships the more he is doomed to be on a wrong path.actually lot has been told to me by my close one's bout their experiences and it has made me delve into this theory.
Let me give u an experience of my friend.
F(friend),NA(neighbour aunty),AD(aunty's daughter)

Time:i dont knw .pls assume
Day and Date(and month,year):pls assume,
Venue:neighbourhood of F

this is wat happened

(F taking out his car to go sumwhere)

NA:bete can u just drop us in case ur not going out of the way.
F: no problem aunty,pls sit

(NA and AD sit in)

NA:im really sorry ,we r giving u trouble.
F:arrey aunty afterall a neighbour only helps other neighbour(gud neighbours still exist!!!!!!!)

(now F drops them to a place which was actually 5-6 kms out of the way for him.)
some more details:all thru the way F behaved in the most decent way and cracking 1-2 jokes in the way
next day AD and F came in front of each other in a market,

F:hi,how ru
F:i hope u reached ur destination properly
AD:yes yes (in a nasty way)(and behaving as if she is busy in signing India Pakistan peace treaty)
F:i really felt good in helping u both yesterday
AD:dont worry i have already told my mom not to take ur help in ur future.
F:standing there as she went by....

now as soon as my fren told me all this even i was in silence for a moment.i just cudnt think why she has done this.hey psychology students(or anyone), u can lend a page from ur 1000 page book on human minds.

wat i feel in general is that world today has become more carefree i mean people dont care bout others in general.whatever goin on is good until it is beneficial for them,now this is sumthing strange for me coz in general i alwaz try to help others.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Blog Plays


Huh strange title........

Yes my blog plays but not with Sania Mirza(will lose the game) , not with someone's hair( its sticky,hair and care nahin lagaya kya) , not with the tummy (uh dont touch,i will eat less now) , not with the money(aaj nakad kal udhar) and ofcourse not with food(khao pio aish karo). but still i wud say it plays...........yeah it plays with ur autistic components i.e. ur ears.

I am including a facility in my blog to hear to music of some of my favourite tracks.

All u have to do is to send a tweeky tiny winy electric current in ur mind (it will be done automatically if u have the desire) which will guide ur reflex actions to move ur right hand (for some may be left) on the mouse and click the play button on the right panel of my blog.And then the 1000cc engine in my blog's server will roar to action and play the track.

Ofcourse i have not included this facility by default (i.e. as soon as the page loads the music will not play) coz not many people will have the required volts to excite the brain cells to listen to music.jokes apart many people would sometimes like to read my blog in tanhayi ( if im writing somethig serious) did i said serious........arrey yeah im both a serious and humourous person though not at same time.

currently played by jukebox is the track music of "Like a prayer" by Madonna.One of my favourites.i posted the lyrics of this song sumtimes back in a post titled New Developments April 23.

Enjoy Life


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Adieu II

So im back to take u into the enthralling and exhilarating world of my Second Farewell Party.so this time the party was arranged in OPUS Priya complex.for non delhites visitor to my blog Priya is one of the well known places in Delhi to chill out.so the scene of something like this:we (i mean our grp) reached OPUS at 7:30 .scheduled time was 8:00 pm.( we can be late for our class in college but we are never late for parties :) :) ).

The crowd gathering was like 140 people.arrey our college's strength is about 550 people but since this was a paid party , so not many were willing to pay their sweet money.The ambience was great and so was the crowd .There was every thing unlimited.U knw OPUS is a disc so even the dance was unlimited which ofcourse tired me.T he party went on till 12:30.

I wud say anyday that seeing Delhi at night and day is similar to seeing 'ur dulhan at night and day'.i luv Delhi for its great roads and ofcourse great people.we went to barista saket after that.i had a coffee there( hot cappuciono barista to be precise).hanged out there till about 4:00 am .singing ali haider's purani jeans song while one of the pal playing on the guitar.man the feeling was great.

after that we all went to comesome at nizammudin.well its a nice place and best part is that like barista saket(and iit) it is also open 24 hrs.all thru our journey from OPUS to comesome it was like we all were in a huge grp.its so much of fun in a big group having fun.

im sharing some of the pics with u.the first three are from grad party and rest r general pics taken in college.do comment.


Our class during the Grad Party (me in extreme right with a glass of juice and beads around my neck and ankle) Posted by Hello

Me with the Trilogy campus recruit.(hope i get some blessings)(and do see the OPUS stamp on my ankle) Posted by Hello

My friend Manhar in some real Josh Posted by Hello

The Bond Class  Posted by Hello

Our class with nari shakti.(The total nari shakti in our class is 4).The girl sitting in between has converted IIMB. Posted by Hello

Me with Parag Posted by Hello

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Posted by Hello

The Gang(the topper girl of our class,whizkid tushar going to newyork for MS and manhar the bond with me)  Posted by Hello

The bond of our class with converts from stanford,cmu,tamu and gre 1500. Posted by Hello

In the Canteen-Me at extreme right(this is the place for endless hours of talks) Posted by Hello

Monday, May 02, 2005

Adieu I


You all must be thinking why am i coming up with such an obscure title "Adieu I". well actually adieu is a french word for farewell and considering the fact that im a romantic person from heart and soul i have to choose french. im gonna sum up my experiences for farewell party.but then why adieu I.Well the reason is simple.we had two farewell parties.so im gonna describe bout our farewell party I in this post.

Well this was the official party given to us by our college in the campus itself.by the word of mouth i heard that our principal has given some huge amounts for the party to be organised.well i will anyday say that DCE is quite well off if extra curricular activities r considered.

Actually our group was confused before the party so as to go in formals or informals.but since we all are day scholars (a lingo for non hostellers) and it was not possible for all of us to go back and have our formals so we decided to remain in our jeans/tshirts etc.when the party started it was indeed strange for me (dont knw bout the grp) as most of the people were in formals.it was kindda "man its my party and im in informals".but then i knew there is another farewell party in the pipeline and wont take any chances for that day.

Then there was this felicitation function in which titles were given to hostellers.dont knw why all the day scholars were left out for titles.day scholars are also equal part of the college.may be people r more familiar with the hostellers so giving titles to them is easier.

After that we all came into the groovy mood when the DJ started.considering that music turns me on and i luv partying i was enjoyin the moments.the night went on and we all were so busy in dancing that we forgot that behind the tent there was another category of students who considered food more important than dance.and as a result u can guess what i got was some chapatis and gravy.

The night went on by sitting at the roof top of the hostel till 3am and enjoying life,sharing all the things of past years etc etc.

Well im sorry im not posting pics in this post but i promise that in the next series of farewell party II i wont disappoint u .actually no pics were clicked on a digi camera on the first party.keep visiting this blog , as i have a nice collection of pics of next farewell party.