Friday, June 24, 2005


For all of u gamin enthusiasts i hope the title is well understood.For others NFS is Need For Speed one of my favourite of games of all times. The time i have spent on this game cannot be counted(who gets a chance to drive a maclaren for free without any thots for fuel prices soaring above 40 Rs/lts).

Coming to my actual thots , this happened on wednesday.



Well the above figures have the units of kmph.and it is an actual car driven by me with the fuel price pinching me on my ass.
Now this jhali valla(bhutta valla) comes into the territory of my 4 eyes, 4 eyes coz u can escape from my eyes but not from my 0.75 power glasses.
The way i sqeaked my car in between of two cars standing in from of jhalli vaala can even put a wagon R ad to shame where they prove the eternal concept of space utilisation.
Got the bhutta for lot less than fuel prices (hey man now im cribbing too much for fuel prices).now the question difficult than mathematics olympiad...shud i eat the bhutta first or drive the car first to my home or do the both.
somehow liked the third option the most


bhutta on adjacent seat
gear changed
speedometer moving
right hand on steering

left hand went for bhutta
oops a spead breaker
who cares
left turn
no problem with the bhutta in my hand

straight road ahead
have to bring down the gear
but also have to eat the bhutta
so first ate a bit and then changed the gear

eating the bhutta
have to give the indicator
used my right hand to give indiacator
steering free and car under expert guidance of no one.

red light
enjoying my bhutta
lane of my home comes
the revered MCD has dismantled the road as if some alladin ka khazana is there.

just bare enuf space for the car to pass thru
doesnt matter again
bhutta is getting cold (and the car engine getting hot)
parked the car

This was my journey with bhutta (express)

I welcome my very good friend Sameer Pradhan in the board of bloggers.His blog can be found on the right hand side of my blog or here.

Thanks for bearing with this post.


P.S. Pls dont imitate the actions of author.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Sleek Bodies


i just cudnt think of an appropriate title of this post so just gave any title which i thot .dont knw how much it suits this post.

just imagine on 15th night at this time one of my hand was on a pretty girl's hand err a compaq laptop.and my eyes were looking another pretty girl sitting in front of me err a TFT flat screen for my PC.well wat happened was that i went to my vendor's home to get my monitor which incidentally has not been repaired from past oops sorry a long time.so he told me to take his TFT screen with me until my monitor gets repaired.its great piece ,shouldnt be called a piece,it has a great body with around one and a half inch width.i just hope he lets me keep it a bit longer altho he is trying his best to get my monitor repaired.

and then i inquired the rates of a laptop from him.(arre rates to main aise hi pooch raha tha).i think evn he guessed it so he asked me pehle range to decide karle.but then he told me to take his compaq laptop with me for a night.the laptop had around 1 hr 15 mins of battery left but when i returned him the next morning it just had 10 mins of battery left(i remember the battery low symbol as if i can transfer my calories to the laptop to satisfy the hunger).

now the real intention why he gave me his laptop.he wanted me to transfer all the software setups from my pc hard disk to his usb hard disk.i tried my best but neither my pc nor the laptop was able to detect the drive.i just hope he believes me coz i was not able to transfer even a single bit of data(arre dont go into bits and bytes).

something good is happening in my friends community.i incidentally started a blog(after my fren rohit kaul started his blog ).rohit is going to give a treat in hyatt coz his blog is soon going to complete first anniversary of (romantic and sensual)marriage with him.so all of u with ur spouses and children r invited.now this blogo mania slowly spread to one of my fren parag.although this happened a long time ago and after that he didnt updated his blog.but its good to see him back to his phiolosophies of Ayn Rand and general trivia.manan who apparently was inspired from me(how can sumone get inspiration from me)also started blogging(expect a lot of truth from his blog coz he is the real truthful person of our batch).this lamp of knowledge soon passed on to my fren neelabh who thot of starting blogging (after being sure that now he has nothing else to study academically till he joins either tamu or iimi.i just hope he continues blogging).and then there came this BBC news on our yahoo grp that sameer has started blogging.(this news was spread by him only).neverthless blogging is addictive and self spreading.

i just hope all of my friends continue blogging.i really like all of my friends a lot and love talking to all of them and i think when we wont get time to talk regularly then this is the only channel of information transfer.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

My Conversation

Hi all

i knw this is a post after such a long time but just wanted to share one of my converations.

she:oh hi
me:so wats up
she:wats up (in an angry tone).wat do u mean
me:i mean what ru doing
she:nothing ,just thinking why dont u come to me these dayz
me:oh pls dont think like that.there is nothing like that
she:who knws
me:man now how shud i make u believe that
she:do i seem like a man.
me:actually i fell ill for 2-3 days
she: (lil concerned) oh wat happened
me:nthing just viral.im ok now
she:so u didnt even looked at me in these past days
me:no its not like that ...i came everyday to see u.just there was nothing to tell u.
she:ok ok now come and lets have a chat

i forgot to tell who she is...

she is my blog http://www.enigma2k4.blogspot.com

i have added some of my frens blogs.so u all can check that out.particularly check neelabh's where he has given some reviews bout me.before reading the reviews i wud like to add that pls appreciate the innate sense of exaggeration by neelabh.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Pictography Mcleodganj ( I )

Im sharing some of the pics which i took in Mcleodganj.Kindly bear with my photography inexpertise.these r the pics which i rate above than the personal pics coz i enjoy taking pics like these.More pics to follow.


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