Monday, September 12, 2005

In Retro-Spective


Considering the fact that i have not blogged from around 25 days at a stretch wat shud i expect from u.Arrey I am asking just for a single cadbury nut and resin chocolate yaar.ok lets bargain....a single perk. :-)

Looking back at the past days things seem to be moving at a fast pace.Let me recall some of the things.

1) On 8 th of August ( yeah u guessed rite...my birthday date) my office friends made sum plan and my good friend Manhar lured me into office cafeteria saying that there r some pretty gals there.that too not from office.now the excitement to see gals that too who r not from office served as a perfect bait for this birthday boy.I walked thru the corridor and meanwise Manhar kept telling me that this girl in this particular dress of this particular colour is seemingly very attractive.(No No my toungue was still not wagging and eyes still not jumping out).As I stepped into the cafeteria my eyes went left and right and then in a faction of second,sorry fraction of nano second to the door behind me to run away as I guessed the crowd of my friends there.But before that many hands grabbed my legs and arms.and there came Thup..One kick ....Thup...Second kick and it continued and continued till these nice souls thought that its enuf now. Well now the surprise cake for me ....which my friends got it for me,I love u all of u guys....Thanks for that day.
me along with two other guys(who also had their birthday) gave a combined treat of Mangal Pandey + Lunch to our group of friends (freshers who joined the office in first batch).

2) I saw Iqbal and found it to be a good movie.Not the same jazziness of movies of now a days.Movie which can inspire u if u want to get inspired.

3) I saw Salaam Namaste.Whoa....Preity looks hot and smart and preety and attractive and and.....sorry but i havent noticed saif too much...
Jokes apart the movie is colourful and fun watch.Saif is emerging as a hero who can potray into a fun loving(Salaam Namaste and Dil Chahta Hai) as well a serious role(Parineeta though i havent seen it) with an equal ease.

4) I saw Ashique Banaya Apne (on cable network at home )...Apart from good songs what does the movie has...Well....

5) I want to see No Entry also.Heard this is a cool movie.

Well thats the update from my side...Hey Vidhi and Neetie I will try my best to be as regular as possible.



Blogger ANGEL_NIDHI said...

LAST 25 DAYS U DID JUST THIS MUCH ?? oops caps off :D .. sorryabt that/... well i dint watch ne movie.. :| will watch salam namaste.. n iqbal.. thankx for the reviews :P

khuda hafis..

6:38 PM

Blogger ANGEL_NIDHI said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:38 PM

Blogger Fursat said...

hmm...lalach buri bala hai..hehe..good tht u had good b'day bumps...

i didnt see any movie yet..Iqbal..Salaam Namaste..Ashique..didnt watch any...

u watched loads of movies hmm..good..keep enjoying...

and ya keep updating...it was one months gap b/w ur post..

God bless u !

8:54 AM

Blogger saurabh ohri said...

itna kuch kahan kiya yaar.
kiya to mere friends ne tha mere bday pe:-)


9:28 PM

Blogger saurabh ohri said...

yeah that lesson proved that laalach buri balaa hai.
i will try to be as regular as possible:-)

u can watch salaam namaste.its a nice and cheerful movie


9:29 PM


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