Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pleasing Others


I read this quote and immediately after reading it I sortta started contemplating about what was being conveyed.

The quote is :

"I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure- try to please everybody."
-- Herbert Bayard Swope

As far as I am concerned let me give u my view points:

1)Thinking too much bout others can lead to unneccesary tensions.
2) It also leads to a pile of unneccessay work.
3) People start expecting too much out of u.
4) Slowly u may lose ur importance among others coz ur alwayz available for others.

1) Man is a social creature and He is bound to live in social way.
2) It is imperative to please others inorder to expect something in return.

Im bit confused regarding the context of quote.Does pleasing means helping others or something else.

Come on speak out ur mind.
How many of you think that this quote is really relevant or how many of you think that this i just another quote.
How many of you think that our work comes before every thing else.
How many of u think that compromising our work to please others is just a sheer waste of time.
How many of u support the wisdom of this quote.


p.s. i wrote this post and pressed publish post without realising that the internet is disconnected.so this post is actually the outcome of double effort.
Neetie i have to still obey with the tag.


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Blogger amit said...

cant help agreeing with u...but u know, u r goin to be a manager n u wud hv to take everyone with u in executing a decision in organisation....so whether u like it or not...u wud hv to APPEASE everyone...:)

1:49 AM

Blogger saurabh ohri said...

no spams dude.
i dont want any credit and debit card.
instead give me an anti-spam card.


9:29 AM

Blogger saurabh ohri said...

wtf i told i dont entertain spams,
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9:31 AM

Blogger saurabh ohri said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:32 AM

Blogger saurabh ohri said...

i agree with u but when a manager has to think of the organisation as a whole then i dont think that it is possible to appease everyone,


9:33 AM

Blogger Fursat said...

too much deep and intellectual post..i dont go too deep :)

i guess its just a another quote..

and yes...u ll have to take the tag...

take care

God bless u !

11:29 AM

Blogger Karthik said...

I've been working now for about a year..I worship my boss, for the time being atleast..and believe me you..he knows when to please and when not to..the fact is..he cares to please where the intention is without malice

Your Comments

12:55 PM

Blogger Vidhi said...

hello saurabh...kaise ho?

and it's very true that it's impossible to try and please everyone...it doesnt work at all...

1:06 AM

Blogger Vidhi said...

hey saurabh...where hv u disappeared?

1:52 AM

Blogger Baller said...

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1:34 PM

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