Monday, October 31, 2005

Time of the year-August

Hey guys,

welcome me after a long break,
u knw i feel like i alwayz promise people that i will be back but then sumhow things shape up like the way i dont want them to and then im not able to put up my haazri (attendence) in this blog.

a lot of thoughts keep coming in my mind bout my college life.
well among other things which i think , the last year of which was really awesome , i some how start remembering the month August.this is the month when my birthday is celebrated.but then apart from this , this is the month when new joinees and new students joined our college. well u all must be thinking cum on guy ur in a job now stop thinking bout ur college.but then ur college is something which gives u the strength and attitutde with which u can face this world.and u cant forget it.right

so August is the month when pretty:-) and scared faces join the college.

and then August is also the time which remindes me of sumthing.a bunch of students flocking up near a notice board listing a long list of students joinin in first year. so this notice board contains a long list of students among which there r sum names with a special symbol in front of them. so that special symbol is 'w'.so this special symbol signifies a special breed of mankind which is already and almost non existent in engineering colleges.no fastest fingers first and no KBC for guessing that. it means women.dont knw why havent they created a 'g' meaning girl or 'pg ' meaning pretty girl. anyways the thing is that a bunch of guys standing around a notice board counting the already rare 'w' in the list is a pretty site.
add to that the site of people catching up girls (mostly) and guys for ragging.and then how som benevolent senior will turn up to save a pretty face from ragging( like a hero crossing a path full of fire to save th heroine ) provided the face turns out to really attractive.

i have really never indulged in such an act in a pure and dedicated manner but then seeing others doing it and enjoying it is aslo fun.

and how can i forget me giving treats to my friends in August and making my wallet lighter and lighter and those endless bumps.these bumps surely do sume business for pain relieving gels.

and yeah i promise some frequent posts to all of u .