Saturday, March 25, 2006


I wont start my post by a hi or a hey coz i dont feel like

There are bigger issues going on in my mind
The urge to shape up my life
The urge to redefine myself
The urge to make people understand me
The urge to get what I want.
The urge to go beyond the normal and less taken path.

And in this mind there comes the thought to become independent.
I dunno why but the feeling comes as if I want to stay in a different city or take a flat somewhere near my office.
The mind wants to explore new dimensions of freedom.
Its not like that I want to stay like that forever,but the fact is that I feel being independent would help me gain a new dimension of life which I have lacked.
Staying away from home would obviously make one more strong,more independent,more flexible to situations pertaining to my life.
I do feel that staying away for some one year or so will make a good grounding for my future life .

To conclude I would say that staying away brings out certain unknown changes in everyone and I want to know what those are.