Saturday, March 25, 2006


I wont start my post by a hi or a hey coz i dont feel like

There are bigger issues going on in my mind
The urge to shape up my life
The urge to redefine myself
The urge to make people understand me
The urge to get what I want.
The urge to go beyond the normal and less taken path.

And in this mind there comes the thought to become independent.
I dunno why but the feeling comes as if I want to stay in a different city or take a flat somewhere near my office.
The mind wants to explore new dimensions of freedom.
Its not like that I want to stay like that forever,but the fact is that I feel being independent would help me gain a new dimension of life which I have lacked.
Staying away from home would obviously make one more strong,more independent,more flexible to situations pertaining to my life.
I do feel that staying away for some one year or so will make a good grounding for my future life .

To conclude I would say that staying away brings out certain unknown changes in everyone and I want to know what those are.



Blogger Fursat said...

1stly congrates tht u updated ur blog :)

and another thing that u want to be in diff city. well its nice idea. staying alone makes the person responsible and mature. thats a nice decision :)

and i hope u ll be at ur new place soon :)

take care

9:33 PM

Blogger saurabh ohri said...

i havent said different city only\
it can be place near my office
just wana stay alone for some time to know myself more closely
and thanks for the wishes

9:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to see you again....i think staying alone is not such a bad idea.....agar may main aya atleast this will give me a place with privacy...hehe...

12:53 PM

Blogger parag said...

ah welcome ohri ,after a long time

7:48 PM

Blogger ASHISH said...

u said hi dude...lol n in da first line lol........i jus read da first line hehehehehehehehe

6:29 AM

Blogger ASHISH said...

well dude read da first paragrah i mena what u urge n all that....but can u tell me one thing do u really know what u r, n what u think of urself...have u ever made a self analysis ever in ur life coz that is pretty important n i guess more important for u n i guess it will help u in ur urging thing....

bye n tc


6:33 AM

Blogger ASHISH said...

shit yaar after each line of urs..i have something ot say...n im doin that plz don mind...but i tell u something which morpheus said to neo...dude.. "FREE UR MIND" n jus think bout urself but as i told u b4 u didnt analysed urself im sure of that n u have to do that n that is v important as far as i can see u thru...

6:35 AM

Blogger ASHISH said...

abey yaar ...its not stay away thing its jus how well u know urself man...not staying away like some actor in a hindiu movie n he will learn everything n obviously if u want to learn u have to interact with ppl....n ya plz don mind for da comments i have made on okay.....n if u think im rite jus mail me...

Ashish (ineedspeed@gmail.com)

6:39 AM

Blogger Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Thatz true,
staying away makes you strong and somewhat mature. But after a long time you do become homesick.

best of luck

4:03 AM

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Blogger Prashant said...

I'm here but looks like u havn't been here in quite a while....

10:05 AM

Blogger Sweety Maruth said...


nice post...but still no updates !!!

12:47 PM

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